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JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: Forkroot Tea

Forkroot Tea

Rosemary gives this drink a "slight, minty taste," while Irish Whiskey gives it a kick that can defeat the strongest channeler. Always drink responsibly, but, if you do plan to overindulge, make sure your Warder is there to drive your carriage. The recipe below is per drink.

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: Graendal Grog

Graendal Grog
AKA "The blue stuff"

Here's a summertime drink that's sure to pique the interest of your guests with its frostiness and cool teal color. Perfect for a crowd of adoring worshipers, it's an exquisite combination of rum, citrus, sweetener and ice that subtly entwines itself into your taste buds. A drink so powerful and perfect that sailors sailed around the world and gladly accepted it in lieu of their wages. Imbibe, adore, and just be... happy...

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: Double Dragon

Double Dragon

Smoke and Fire! Created by request for The Dragon Reborn, this is a drink that elicits comments like "This thing'll kill me!" Technically it is a mixed drink, because Chip takes two whiskeys and mixes them. One of the key ingredients is serrano chili peppers, so it is also quite spicy. So...be careful, and drink with caution.

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: The Battle Ajah

The Battle Ajah

This drink could easily be called a "spicy" Appletini, but ours has a special little kick to it, thanks to the "secret ingredient." Don't say we didn't warn you! It's green, slightly fiery, and will take you by surprise - no wonder it's Alanna Mosvani's favorite cocktail!

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: Blood and Bloody Ashes

Blood and Bloody Ashes

Based on a Roaring 20's cocktail called "Blood and Sand," our version is dryer than the original to match our sense of humor. And, because it's made with Blood Oranges, you can usually only get the ingredients during the winter months. But it's well worth the wait. Just like the ending of our favorite book series.

Take equal parts of the following:

  • Fresh squeezed blood orange juice

Meet the Artist: Ariel Burgess


Ariel Burgess hails from the Washington, D.C area, where she has lived most of her life. Her family is filled with artists and red heads, so she was destined for both. At an early age she set her sights on a career in comic book illustration, and recently finished her Associates of Web Design at Montgomery College.

In her art, Ariel chooses to bring fictitious things and people to life. She does not think she could have made The Wheel of Time® cards if she had not been such a fan of the series or loved the characters so deeply. Because of that love, Ariel introduced her family to the series, and now they love it as much as she.

Ariel has been attending JordanCon and exhibiting her art there since 2012. Her work is featured in The Wheel of Time Companion.

Meet the Artist: Melissa Gay


I adore tales of mystery and imagination that send the adrenaline flowing and the heart racing, whether they be ancient folk tales, classic science fiction, or modern urban fantasy! I tend to gush and use a lot of exclamation points when excited, and illustrating the things I love excites me a lot!!! I feel I have so much more to learn, and my goal is to be a lifelong student, always observing, always pushing the boundaries of my artistic comfort zone (which is very small, so I tend to push it constantly).

Since first attending JordanCon in 2014, Melissa has become a mainstay of the JordanCon Art Show family. Stop by her booth and say hello!

How long have you considered yourself an artist?

All my life,really. I was always That Kid Who Can Draw to people at school-- until high school, when I was sent to a really hard college prep school, and I had to take notes instead of drawing in class all the time!

Meet the Artist: Sam Flegal


As an illustrator for both book covers and games, Sam Flegal specializes in painting strange scenes of epic fantasy and graphic horror. He describes his art as “stylized realism,” portraying fantastical things in a comic book-like graphic manner, but with an eye towards real life. Sam’s preferred medium is oil paint.

Sam first joined us at the 2014 Art Show and since then we've been fortunate to have him with us each year. Sam will be attending again this year, so stop by the show and check out his wonderful work.

The JordanCon Art Show - 2013 WrapUp

JordanCon V was a fantastic success and an amazing good time! Our goal was to double the amount the Art Show sends to the Mayo Clinic this year, and we quadruped it, with a total donation of over $575 to fund Mayo’s Amyloidosis research. We wanted to have some art-related programming this year, and we fielded not one, not two, not even three, but seven – SEVEN - separate events, including a retrospective of Michael Whelan career, led by the man himself, panels on Wheel of Time art and a panel featuring the Stormlight Archives artists.

Setting Bid Prices for the Art Show

by Paul Bielaczyc

Hey guys. Paul here. I thought I would write a quick how-to-price tutorial for those artists who haven't been in many convention art shows.

What the prices mean

Most art shows have three prices for each piece hanging in the art show: Minimum Bid, Quick Sale, and Sunday Sale. For JordanCon, you can set these prices when you submit your art via our online art submission form. (And of course you can always mark a piece as "NFS" or "Not for Sale.")

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