Door Decorating Contest!

We're trying a new thing this year. Hotel room Door Decorating Contest! The hotel is going to try really hard to book us all on the 3rd and 4th floors, so those of us staying the night will have plenty of time to admire your work!

1. Do NOT permanently deface the hotel property. Use Command Strips, blue tape, sticky tack, etc. If you break it, you buy it.
2. All themes are encouraged, not just Wheel of Time or Cosmere. Feel free to expand to other works, subgenres, etc, Mashups are encouraged.

Social Media Checkup

It's April! That means it's almost JordanCon time. Take a minute to check out our "Follow Us" page to make sure you are following us on social media. You don't want to miss out on any Con coverage!

JordanCon 9 Exhibiting Artists

JordanCon is very pleased to announce the following artists will be exhibiting their art at JordanCon this year.

  • Artists marked with an asterisk (*) will not be in attendance, though their art will be in our show.
  • Artists marked with a double asterisk (**) will not be in attendance, but will have work in our Print Shop.

Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday!: Friday Fandom Smackdown Edition

Welcome to today's Weirdnesday blog! So as promised we will talk about the Friday Fandom Smackdown in this issues, but before we do, let us take care of some reminders.

Fire with Fire Group Read Through

Make sure that you get your reading done on this fantastic book written by our author GoH, Chuck Gannon. We will open discussion on the book as a whole on the 24th of March, a Friday.

Costuming in the Rivets & Robots Track

Meet the Artist: Michael Bielaczyc

From the many talented artists who show their work at JordanCon, Michael Bielaczyc's body of work is among the most diverse. Michael works in many different media -- sometimes all at once -- but his favorites are oil paints and video. He himself would tell you that he is happiest when he is in the middle of twenty different projects, and his studio is often littered with the starts of illustrations, masks and paintings, manuscripts and sculptures. Ideas. At JordanCon, you can usually find him at the Charity Art Jam cranking out art for the Charity Auction, or hard at work in the Aradani Studios booth. Go by and say hello.

Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday!: Science Fiction Trends

Today's blog is pretty short. We are doing a lot of behind the scenes work here now that JordanCon is less than two months away. So keep reading our author GoH's Chuck Gannon book Fire with Fire! More info will be forthcoming on handling the Group Read Through Q&A. Also, next week we will announce the how to on forming our teams for the Friday Fandom Smackdown!

Charity Auction Announcement - Changes

It may be of interest that there are a couple of significant changes this year to the Charity Auction. Here is a breakdown of our changes.

• We’re going to have a better display space this year. We’re still in the Art Show/Director’s Hall, but won’t be hiding in the corner. We’ll be out in the middle of everything. We should not be hard to find. We’ll be the second best looking group in the room. We’re almost as good looking as the Art Show crew.

Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday!

Welcome to the Weirdnesday blog! We took a week off, but are back and better than ever. Actually we had a nice piece of kismet today, with the blog coming out on the same day as an exciting NASA announcement. So let's not get bogged down in a big intro, instead let us jump right to it.

Trappist - 1

Donations Needed for Charity Auction

Charity Auction would like to announce that we have a slight problem. Last year, we were able to raise almost $2,900 for Amyloidosis Research at the Mayo Clinic during the auction, by selling almost EVERY SINGLE ITEM we had. This includes all the new donations, and everything we had in storage.

“How is this a problem?” you might ask. Well, for the 2017 Charity Auction, we’ve got nothing left to sell. We do have a few promises for some really nice items, but it won’t be enough. We’ll need more and that’s where you all come in. We need donations.

JordanCon 9 Charity Game: Ta'veren Ties

AKA "Pink Ribbons"

This year we are reviving a fun charity fundraiser event from a few years ago which we call "Ta'veren Ties." Our amazing (and tolerant) "Mat Cauthon" cosplayers will be given a token to identify them as participants in the game (please don't give your ribbon to someone who doesn't want to play). JordanCon's attendees will purchase pink ribbons to award to the Mat Cauthon cosplayer they like best. You award your ribbon to your favorite Mat by tying it on them (with their consent). We will count them on Saturday just before the Dance Party to see which Mat was JordanCon's favorite.

Please read below to find out more about how you can help us raise additional money for the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis Research Fund, all while having an amazing amount of fun.

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