About JordanCon

JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late author, Robert Jordan. JordanCon features eight tracks of simultaneous programming, a Dealers' Hall, gaming, an Art Show featuring original art by a variety of artists, and charity events benefiting the Mayo Clinic and other charities.

Our 2018 Guests of Honor are Jason Denzel & Stephanie Law.

Art Show Winners 2017

People's Choice Awards have been chosen!

Best Non-Wot Art:
Winner- Melissa Gay
Piece- The Styx Nebula

Best WoT Art:
Winner- Paul Bielaczyc
Piece- May You Always Find Water & Shade

Best 3D Art:
Winner- Lisa Sell
Piece- Snow Gryphon

Costume Contest Winners

1st place- Paul Bielczyc & Leslie Annis, Mirror World Rand & Min

2nd place- Serafina Vicciglio, Dragon Highlord

3rd place- Ava & Cannah, Vin & Elend Venture

Judge's Choice Awards:

Jason Denzel- Heather Nathanson, Captain Kaladin Stormblessed

Chuck Gannon- Ross Newberry, Brandi al'Thor

Harriet McDougal- Jordan Smith, Robert Jordan & Marissa Grooms/Melanie Murray, Damselle & Biddy

JordanCon Award Winners 2017

JordanCon Hero of the Horn Awards for 2017 have been awarded.

The award for Volunteers was given to Rachel Little for all her hard work over the past 8 years.
The award for Fan Group was given to Theoryland, and accepted by Matt Hatch.
The award for a Professional who has supported JordanCon was given to Maria Simons.

This year's Con Game was the Darkfriend Hunt. We had a tie, so awards were given to:
Isaac Hardy and Zack Stevens.

The Arena Champion for 2017 is Kyle Hiddleston, who won an AEG 2016 Black Box donated by our game vendor, E&D Games.

Charity Events

Exciting events happening all weekend to raise money for Charity!

On Friday we’ll be accepting donations for the charity auction in the Grand Ballroom from 2:30 PM until 7 PM. Even if you are not donating anything you can stop by & preview some of the items that will be in the Auction on Saturday.

JordanCon Photo Hunt!

JordanCon Photo Hunt!

JordanCon 9 Pre-Con GOH Interview

This is our pre-Con mini interview with author Guest of Honor Charles Gannon, for JordanCon 9.

1) Question: Have you gone on any literary pilgrimages?

Answer: Not exactly pilgrimages *just* for writing: I'm not wealthy enough to afford that! But I've travelled to different places or made side jaunts to be able to combine a research opportunity with other travel.

Countdown to JordanCon 9 Has Begun!

As you know, our author Guest of Honor this year is Charles Gannon, author of the spectacular Caine Riordan series.

We have a pre-Con mini interview with him starting tomorrow as we all get ready for our weekend of fun. We'll be posting one question and answer per day on social media. The full interview will be shared here at the end of the post series.

Follow along this week on Facebook during our Countdown to JordanCon to learn more about him!

Rivets & Robots: Weidnesday Blog! Pre JordanCon Track Highlight Reel!

So as promised this is our special full on sneak peak preview trailer for this year's Rivets & Robots, JordanCon Year 9 edition.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, this will be the last Weirdnesday Blog before the convention as obviously (and spoiler alert) JordanCon is next week. I might be a bit busy. There will not be a blog the week after either. So that means, first Wednesday of May will be the next blog, getting you ready for JordanCon 10 / 2018... but enough of that for now.

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